WK 2 Question Of The Week


Question: Is art actually important? In today’s world?

During class on Wednesday at 2:30, I got the chance to meet Zac (on the left) and Lydia (on the right), they are both in their second year at Cal State Long Beach and are enjoying their time here. When I asked them the question of the week they both answered differently. Lydia said that art is important because it “brings light to world issues and gives people a bigger message in what’s going on in the world.” Then she went on to say that art is important in today’s world through advertising. I agree with Lydia because everywhere we go we see advertising, so its a huge part of our lives. Zac said that art is “important through cartoons because it influences young minds. It gives children an idea on how to be strong and be a good character at heart.” I agree with Zac because most children spend most of their time in front of a TV, so the best way to impact children is through television.

Zac’s Website: https://zackngoviiftm.wordpress.com/

Lydia’s Website: https://containerlyd.wordpress.com/


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