WK 3 Artist Conversation

Artist: Alvaro Alvarez

Exhibition: A Response To Classical Music

Media: Paint, Music, Canvas, Wires, Clothing, Projector

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: Does not have a website.

Instagram: Does not have an Instagram.

About the Artist 

This is Alvaro A.S.F.’s first semester at California State University of Long Beach and is a student in the School of Art’s Sculpture Program. Alvaro  was born in Guatemala, but moved to the United States when he was eight years old. He interpreted seeing art everywhere as a kid, he said he believed everything was a form of art and was always intrigued by the idea of it. It inspired him to start drawing as a kid, but his parents weren’t fond of the idea. They didn’t support the idea of their son drawing because they believed “it wouldn’t earn him any money,” forcing him to stop his pursuit in art. Although Alvaro was forced to stop, he couldn’t fully give up on art because he believes it was a huge part in his life. Now he is pursuing his Bachelor in Fine Arts hoping to become an art teacher for children. In hopes of inspiring kids to pursue their dreams of art.

Formal Analysis

Alvaro’s art work in the Marilyn Werby Gallery consisted of a recording of himself creating his art work, followed with the Introduction of Beethoven Overture  Fidelio, being played out loud. The recording is being played through a projector, it’s being played on one of the walls. At both ends of the room laid canvases spread out, one canvas was clear white with white buckets, white pants, and a new paint roller. The other canvas was the one he used, it was filled with various colors and shapes from bodies’ response. It was decorated with items he used to complete his work, it included pants with paint on them, paint buckets, a shirt, shoes and wires to hold up pants and shirt.


Content Analysis

A Response To Classical Music, is Alvaro’s response to music through dance.He started listening to overtures of classical music and got his hands on some of Beethoven overtures and once he listened to them he instantly felt inspired. He said he felt overwhelmed with emotions and wanted to express them. So he got a canvas and paint and threw some on his hands and legs; then let’s the music take over making his response to classical music. A fellow student asked Alvaro if he was breaking dancing? He replied no, he didn’t believe he was dancing, he believed his body was responding to the music and was moving according to the music. he also believed he didn’t really know how to dance but said he got his influence from gymnast. This was Alvaro’s first art gallery showing making him really nervous about his work because he didn’t know how his audience would react to his work. He only had 3 hours of sleep the three nights before the showing because he wanted his gallery to come out great. I would consider this a sinuous work because he just responses to the music by dancing not knowing what he feels.He is flowing with a bunch of emotions making him release them all at once in a form of dance on a canvas with paint. Making the final art work have many twist and turns on the drawing

Synthesis / My Experience

Going into Alvaro’s gallery I didn’t know what i was seeing, at first i thought it was weird and wasn’t a good art work. Until i started seeing the deeper message of the work. When i was looking at Alvaro’s work it took me a few minutes to understand what it was, but when i understood the work and it’s meaning i was amazed by the work. Hearing Alvaro explain his work helped me realize that art is all about the process of the work and the hard work and time you dedicate to the piece. I really liked his work because i feel like the biggest art form i enjoy is music. It can change your mood depending on the type of music your listening too. I can relate to work because i also like to enjoy listening to music and drawing whatever comes out. It really inspired me to get more involved with art and start going to more art galleries.




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