WK 4 Art Activity: Automatic Drawing

This week’s art activity was unusual, i never heard of automatic drawing before. At first it was difficult because i didn’t really know how to let my subconscious go and draw. When i would let my subconscious go i would always come back and try drawing something. It was quite difficult and took me some time to get it down. Although it was tough I decided not to give up because it seemed like an interesting and fun thing to do. So i wanted to get it down. I decided to do my automatic drawing with my sister because we’re both random so i wanted to see how our similar personalities would interact when drawing. We took turns picking the music to see how the different types of genre affected our drawings. Although we have similar personalities  we listen to different types of music. She’s more into R & B, while i’m more into 70’s rock music.


Pink Floyd-Any color you like: Black

Mt. Washington- Local Natives: Yellow

Pink Floyd-Crying Song: Green

I was surprised by the result of our drawing. I was expecting our drawing to be more smooth and flowed because of the music and our similar personalities, but it’s the complete opposite. It seems like we were just all over the place. Haha




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