WK 9 Artist Conversation

Artist: Vanessa Olivarez

Exhibition: Don’t Be Careful Be Gentle 

Media: TV, Projector, seesaw, glass windows 

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery 

 Website: Doesn’t have one 

Instagram: Tokioni

About the Artist 

I had the opportunity to experience the art work, Don’t Be Careful Be Gentle, by Vanessa Olivarez who is a senior at CSULB pursuing her BFA in sculpture. Olivarez came into CSULB with her mind set on sculpturing, she first started off with painting and drawing then moving her way up to building models and creating galleries. She said her love in art moved to sculpturing because she likes working with 3D materials and sculptures. This was not Oliveraz’s first time presenting an art gallery here at CSULB, she has done a number of group shows and has presented her art work in the FA3 art galleries and has done a few shows outside. All of her other art shows have all been based on the same main idea but she used different media.

Formal Analysis

Oliveraz’s art gallery consisted of a seesaw in between the showing of two projectors, one showing a picture of a animated girl looking in the mirror and the other one a video representing the changing of emotions. The seesaw would move up and down depending on which side the video is being shown on. In one of the corners laid a TV with glass around it, reflecting the image on the TV out.

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Content Analysis

The main idea Oliveraz is trying to portray is that emotions are always going back and forth. The seesaw is suppose to represent your emotions moving up and down as you go through your day. The video and picture she had showing were suppose to represent how people are constantly looking at themselves and their lives and how it affects them mentally and physically. The video was suppose to represent everything that you go through, through out your day. It’s a video of random places, shapes, and people. She says that her emotions are constantly changing between things, places and emotions, she wants to take in everything and reflect off all the emotions she sees and feels.

Synthesis / My Experience

Going into Oliveraz’s art gallery i couldn’t fully understand the idea she was trying to portray because of the seesaw and the TV. I had to read her summary and hear her talk about her work to understand her art. When i heard her talk about her work i understood that her gallery goes deeper than just the art. I could see how much time and emotions she put into the art and saw the true meaning of her art when i went back in. I was able to see this because i was able to see things from her perspectives rather than just what i saw at the gallery.



WK 8 Classmate Conversation

This weeks classmate conversation took place at the CSULB Japanese Garden, where i got the chance to meet Fatima. This is her second year at CSULB where she is pursing a career in accounting. There were three questions we had ask each other:

  1. What is a piece of art, of any medium, that you would like to share with everyone? Why do you like it and why do you think others should experience (read, see, listen, etc.) it?
  2. would you be supportive of your child wanting to pursue an art career? why or why not?
  3. Open your hones to the 1st page what apps do you both have? what apps are different? Discus?

This week’s question were random and really got me and Fatima to talk because it was on different matters/subjects. The medium she would like to share with everyone is movies, she loves watching movies because it relaxes her and teaches her life lessons or lessons on history. She believes others should watch movies because they help you see different perspectives on life and helps you play out scenarios you are living and learn from the outcomes. When asking Fatima the second question she said she would be supportive of her child wanting to purse an art career but would tell them that it’s going to be tough. She would tell them that they would need to work hard because she believes you cant do much when it comes to the job field. The third question was something i wasn’t expecting because it didn’t really relate to art. We both had very little apps, we both just had the standard apps that are already put into the phone and a few personal apps. We both happened to have youtube and that’s it, i asked her what she watches and she said she loves to watch music videos, vine compilations, twerk fails, funny dog videos, and paranormal videos.

Fatima’s Website: https://geteducatedcom.wordpress.com/

WK 7 Artist Conversation

Artist: Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibition: Manos De Oro 

Media: Found objects, manipulation of found objects,

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

 Website: Dulcesoledadibarra.com

Instagram: Didn’t have one

About the Artist 

I had the opportunity to experience the art work, Manos De Oro, by Dulce Soledad Ibarra who is a senior at CSULB pursuing her BFA in sculpture. She recently changed her major to Sculpture this year. Ibarra is the only artist in her family, she says that she tries to keep her art work simple and about her family so that her family can understand the art she is creating. Growing up she would see her father at work as a gardener and how his line of work is always under appreciated. So she wanted to create a gallery that showed her father’s line of work as actually being important because it’s important to the worker showing his hard work and time that he put into his job. She asked other gardeners in her fathers company to get their perspectives as a gardener.


Formal Analysis

Ibarra’s artwork consisted of gardening tools painted gold and displayed all through out the room. She had bags filled with grass in two corners of the room, the lawnmowers were also filled with grass to seem bigger. Square patches of fake grass were laid out with parts of gold tools laid on top of the grass. She also had a video playing of her father gardening and in some parts of the video it would be her gardening but in her father’s clothe. Many people didn’t notice this until she pointed it out, she was trying to show that many people don’t acknowledge this kind of work and never really look at the worker or the work they do.

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Content Analysis


Ibarra’s father is a gardener, which is where she got her inspiration and media from. She saw what her father did and appreciated it and wanted to portray his life and hard work he did to others. She was trying to portray  that her father’s line of work always goes unacknowledged because people assume that it’s not important and just a job. Although it’s more than just that to the worker, she says that the worker see it as an opportunity to live a life here, being able to support their family and a way to show their hard work to the world. That’s where the gold tools come into the picture, she is trying to show that to them the tools they are using are far more valuable than they actually are because they see opportunities and way to support their family.

Synthesis / My Experience

When I went into Ibarra’s art gallery i understood what message she was trying to send. I had to read her summary and hear her talk about her work. When i heard her talk about her work i saw the passion of her work in her eyes and understood that her gallery goes deeper than just the art. I saw the love she felt about her father and all the hard work he did to support their family. I saw that she really appreciated the work he did and wanted everyone to see how hard of a worker he is, although he is a gardener.



Wk 6 Artist Conversation

Artist: Sheila Garrett Rodriguez

Exhibition: Were We Even Here

Media: Bed, Chair, window screen, yarn, grounded up koshia dye, concrete pieces, and oil paint.

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

 Website: Sheliagarrettrodriguez.com

Instagram: Sheliagarrettrodriguez

About the Artist 

I had the opportunity to experience the art work , Were We Even Here, by Sheila Garrett Rodriguez who is pursuing a Masters of fine Arts in fiber arts at CSULB. Growing up, Rodriguez would always move to different homes with her family and said that the longest she has ever stayed at one home was 5-6 yrs. Rodriguez said that she has moved 30 times in all her life, she has recently moved near LongBeach two yrs ago to get her MFA. She has 3 daughters with one in college and the other two in middle school. The oldest daughter is going to a college in Hawaii to pursue a degree in multi media.

Formal Analysis

Rodriguez’s gallery consisted of home pieces from home projects she has done. She posted up the concrete pieces from the homes onto the walls to depict the old homes she lived in. She also had screen windows with flowers weaved onto them with yarn and a for sale sign on the screen windows. The screen window was an actual screen window of one of her old homes she moved into. At the center of her gallery was an old bed frame that her grandmother lent her to display in her art gallery. It was a bed frame that made it through all the house she moved into. On the bed frame was a long piece of maroon yarn that she sowed on and dyed herself. In the other side of the gallery is a video of her creating the dye.

Content Analysis

Rodriguez’s art work was all about the idea of the true definition of a home. She leaves the readers with the question: “Is one’s identity while expressed through the home also defined by the home-space?” She leaves observers with this question to make them wonder if their homes are really their way of trying to express themselves or is the place defining who you really are. One art work really brings this question out into display.


It’s an oil painting of a man holding onto barbwires, which are really representations of you holding onto the home and are secretly hurting yourself by holding onto the identity of your home. This painting is based on an idea that you can tell a lot about yourself based on the contents of your home. People tend to in-bead their personalities into their homes.


Synthesis / My Experience

When I went into Rodriguez’s art gallery I didn’t understand what her art was trying to portray. I had to read her summary of her artwork in order to understand it. Growing up i never really moved around, but I did see that sometimes the home you live defines who you are. You imbed yourself into the home you stay at for along time and make it a part of you. Rodriguez’s artwork taught me that you should really move around and explore new areas to see the different environments that people live in. It was great experience that taught the values people imbed on their homes.