WK 9 Artist Conversation

Artist: Vanessa Olivarez

Exhibition: Don’t Be Careful Be Gentle 

Media: TV, Projector, seesaw, glass windows 

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery 

 Website: Doesn’t have one 

Instagram: Tokioni

About the Artist 

I had the opportunity to experience the art work, Don’t Be Careful Be Gentle, by Vanessa Olivarez who is a senior at CSULB pursuing her BFA in sculpture. Olivarez came into CSULB with her mind set on sculpturing, she first started off with painting and drawing then moving her way up to building models and creating galleries. She said her love in art moved to sculpturing because she likes working with 3D materials and sculptures. This was not Oliveraz’s first time presenting an art gallery here at CSULB, she has done a number of group shows and has presented her art work in the FA3 art galleries and has done a few shows outside. All of her other art shows have all been based on the same main idea but she used different media.

Formal Analysis

Oliveraz’s art gallery consisted of a seesaw in between the showing of two projectors, one showing a picture of a animated girl looking in the mirror and the other one a video representing the changing of emotions. The seesaw would move up and down depending on which side the video is being shown on. In one of the corners laid a TV with glass around it, reflecting the image on the TV out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Content Analysis

The main idea Oliveraz is trying to portray is that emotions are always going back and forth. The seesaw is suppose to represent your emotions moving up and down as you go through your day. The video and picture she had showing were suppose to represent how people are constantly looking at themselves and their lives and how it affects them mentally and physically. The video was suppose to represent everything that you go through, through out your day. It’s a video of random places, shapes, and people. She says that her emotions are constantly changing between things, places and emotions, she wants to take in everything and reflect off all the emotions she sees and feels.

Synthesis / My Experience

Going into Oliveraz’s art gallery i couldn’t fully understand the idea she was trying to portray because of the seesaw and the TV. I had to read her summary and hear her talk about her work to understand her art. When i heard her talk about her work i understood that her gallery goes deeper than just the art. I could see how much time and emotions she put into the art and saw the true meaning of her art when i went back in. I was able to see this because i was able to see things from her perspectives rather than just what i saw at the gallery.



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