Wk 12 Classmate Conversation


QOTW: Does it have to “look like art” to be art?

During class on Wednesday at 2:30, I got the chance to meet Felix Huynh and Arvan Arguelles at the art gallery in Cal State Long Beach. Felix and Arvan are both second years, Felix is majoring in Film while Arvan is Bio Chem major. After getting to know Felix and Arvan i asked them the question of the week, does it have to “look like art” to be art? They both had different views on the subject, Felix said art doesn’t have to “look like art” to be art and Arvan said it does have to “look like art” in order to be art. Felix believes art doesn’t have to look like art to be art because he said “art can come in different forms, for example movies, it doesn’t look like art but many people consider it art.” i agree with Felix because there are many different things that people can call art, like dance, music, painting, movies, etc. Arvan felt the opposite way, he said that art does have to look like art because then people would consider anything as art, making art lose it’s meaning and value as art. I can agree with Arvan because if you start to claim everything as art soon enough everything will be art and it would’t matter because it would lose it’s value as art.

Arvan’s website: https://beansartblog.wordpress.com/

Felix’s website: https://felixhuynhblog.wordpress.com/



WK 11 Artist Conversation

Artist: Kyle Kruse 

Exhibition: Janus Maxim 

Media: TV, Wood, Mask, bones 

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery  

 Website: kylekruseart.com

Instagram: kyle.kruse

About the Artist 

I had the opportunity to experience the art work, Janus Maxim, by Kyle Kruse who is a senior at CSULB pursuing his BFA in print making. Kruse’s first started as a physics major, never taking an art class but always enjoied drawing and creativity. So he switched over to print making because it just caught his attention and his grand parnets wouldd also do print making as well. He enjoys rocking climbing where he takes his camera to record and enjoys taking his matrials to draw the end of his rock climbing journey. He loves learning new things so he is constantly trying new things and reading.

Formal Analysis 

As you walk into Kruse’s gallery you are greeted with the feeling of crunches at your feet. Bones and ashes were scattered all over the floor while three pillers stood at one end of the room. On the pillers were masks representing Greco-Roman mythology of Prometheus, Janus, and Sisyphus. Behind the masks were three paintings on the wall of the mask with Greco-Roman symbols around them. On the other side of the room were three TVs displaying a video of bones being burned and a video of hiking.

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Content Analysis

Kruse’s gallery was a great representation of life and it’s way of repeating itself in its own way. Each Greco-Roman gods were each stuck in an infinite loop of pain. kruse was trying to show that we are stuck in a loop because we hear the Greco-Roman myths but in our own way. Kruse was trying to explain it through the Chinese telephone game, as the whisper travels through people hear their own version of the whisper and it doesn’t end up at the end of the game. He was trying to show that each story we hear of the god we hear differently but in our own experience because of the different lives we live.

Synthesis / My Experience

As I walked into Kruse’s gallery I was really into the whole life and death seen being portrayed in the gallery. I could tell through his discription of his gallery that it was about life and death and it’s process of human life because I’m into the Greco-Roman culture. When I heard Kruse talk about his gallery I could tell that it’s a great representation of life and death through his art.

WK 11 Classmate Conversation


During class on Wednesday at 2:30, I got the chance to meet Gustavo Portillo at the art gallery in Cal State Long Beach. Gustavo is a second year majoring in Business hoping to Manage his own business one day. He loves trucks and enjoys cruising in them with his girlfriend, where they go eat and chill. He said he enjoys going to the beach because of the water and how relaxing it is hearing the ocean water crashing the rocks. He is pro 2nd amendment and owns a few guns of his own but doesn’t think they should just be for anyone. After getting to know Gustavo i asked him the question of the week, what do you think about fan art? He said fan art is a good way to know how other people think about the things you enjoy. I can agree with Gustavo because we all have different views on a certain matter, making fan art a way to see another person’s perspective on a specific show, person, or art you enjoy.

Gustavo’s Website: https://artsykilo.wordpress.com/