WK 11 Classmate Conversation


During class on Wednesday at 2:30, I got the chance to meet Gustavo Portillo at the art gallery in Cal State Long Beach. Gustavo is a second year majoring in Business hoping to Manage his own business one day. He loves trucks and enjoys cruising in them with his girlfriend, where they go eat and chill. He said he enjoys going to the beach because of the water and how relaxing it is hearing the ocean water crashing the rocks. He is pro 2nd amendment and owns a few guns of his own but doesn’t think they should just be for anyone. After getting to know Gustavo i asked him the question of the week, what do you think about fan art? He said fan art is a good way to know how other people think about the things you enjoy. I can agree with Gustavo because we all have different views on a certain matter, making fan art a way to see another person’s perspective on a specific show, person, or art you enjoy.

Gustavo’s Website: https://artsykilo.wordpress.com/


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