Wk 12 Classmate Conversation


QOTW: Does it have to “look like art” to be art?

During class on Wednesday at 2:30, I got the chance to meet Felix Huynh and Arvan Arguelles at the art gallery in Cal State Long Beach. Felix and Arvan are both second years, Felix is majoring in Film while Arvan is Bio Chem major. After getting to know Felix and Arvan i asked them the question of the week, does it have to “look like art” to be art? They both had different views on the subject, Felix said art doesn’t have to “look like art” to be art and Arvan said it does have to “look like art” in order to be art. Felix believes art doesn’t have to look like art to be art because he said “art can come in different forms, for example movies, it doesn’t look like art but many people consider it art.” i agree with Felix because there are many different things that people can call art, like dance, music, painting, movies, etc. Arvan felt the opposite way, he said that art does have to look like art because then people would consider anything as art, making art lose it’s meaning and value as art. I can agree with Arvan because if you start to claim everything as art soon enough everything will be art and it would’t matter because it would lose it’s value as art.

Arvan’s website: https://beansartblog.wordpress.com/

Felix’s website: https://felixhuynhblog.wordpress.com/



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