Wk B8 – Art Activity – Zines/Flipbooks


For this weeks art activity we created flipbooks/zines. I made a zine about the life of an alien living in space, but I didn’t really know what to draw because I didn’t know what aliens do. So I was thinking about what exactly an alien would do and I was thinking that they would do extravagant things because they are in space but what if they do everything things like we do. Go to work, school, read, eat, watch tv, etc. So in this zine I made it as if the aliens did they everyday boring typical things like we do.


WK B7 Activity: Automatic Drawing

This week’s art activity was pretty interesting because I didn’t really know what to expect. I never really understood Abstract drawing because I’m so use to art having a face, but this art activity showed me that all drawings don’t have to be in a form or look like something. I did this activity with my sister because we are really chill with each other, I know we can be comfortable and be ourselves. We started off by putting music on and just let the music take control, we started to move our hands with the sound of the music. We had put on breathe by pink Floyd because it’s a really chill song and feel like it we can really let go and let ourselves draw. We drew for about 5 minutes until we stopped because our drawing material had broke, you can see signs of it on the top right corner.


Week B4 – The Wedge Activity


When I started this assignment I thought about what made the wedge so horrible or great? And I came up with nothing for its benefits and came up with a lot for it’s horribleness. I’ve had bad experiences with this wedge because I’ve crashed into a couple of people rushing to class. that’s why I think we should take it away completely but to some people it’s a symbol for something. So when I drew my architecture plan I made It so that the wedge was moved to the right in between the walk way. I know it would just block the walk way completely but I stayed and watched the people walk through this way and seen that the majority of people walk through the wedge and not too many people walk through the walkway. So that’s why we should just move the wedge to the middle of the pillars.

Week B4 – EC #2 Sketching Activity

Trying to draw the koi pond without looking at where I was drawing is very difficult because I couldn’t tell what I was really drawing and in what direction I was going. However, other than that I think I did pretty good. I also drew with a pen so I wouldn’t be able to erase my mistakes but I guess my brain always wants to right my mistakes so I just shaded in the spots that I thought didn’t look good after the I was done.  I messed up on the trees/bushes at the top of the drawing so I just shaded in the trees to get ride of the mistakes. I’ll definitely go back after this activity and finish my drawing because it’s such a peaceful place and a good place to draw. There are multiple animals to draw and multiple sceneries to draw as well. 

Week B4- EC #1: Confronting White Supremacy and Decolonizing the Middle Ages

The talk by Dr. Dorothy Kim was about the Intersectional Feminism, Fascism, the Alt-right, and How to Decolonize the Middle Ages. She started off with talking about the Alt-right attacking feminism. I never really thought about how the Alt-right has their eyes on the feminist group and how they involve the middle ages into their hates and beliefs. However, after the talk by Kim, I can see why they attack them. They attack the feminist group because it is making changes to a society that they don’t want to change because they are afraid of change. I can see why they would want to involve the middle ages into their beliefs because the middle ages is filled with white supremacy because it was made for the white elites. I’m glad I went to the talk because I got some really great food and also it made me think about things I’ve never really thought about, like ways to stop racism and how to stop hate crimes, ill try to incorporate what I’ve heard at the seminar talk into my life and help make a difference in this world.